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Kuronuma Mayumi



Born in 1968 in Chiba Japan, and lives in Chiba. Continue to create art work with an original view which is not human centered. She uses variety of living things as motif such as tapeworms, blue-bottle jellyfish, race horse, and so on.

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WHO 006
A5・96 pages
(Japanese & English)

The first artwork I saw that was made by Kuronuma was a 10m long lace-knit tapeworm. Seated besides her artwork, a little hunched, was Kuronuma with a cap on. Spreading knowledge, poison, love, and all kinds
of things here and there, she was talking in a subdued but addictive voice.  In a way, it seemed like it was an encounter with an unknown being, just like her works. We will introduce her artworks, such as an anal Noren(gate curtain), a dynamic race horse, a floating jellyfish, which reflect her unique views of the world.

Kuronuma:I have kept myself from becoming an artist who can draw various lines with ease and animated drawings. I feel that if I draw without any hesitation, I would become less of a fine artist.

W:Is that a rule of yours?

Kuronuma:I think it's necessary for fine artist to have such outrageous rules against themselves. I think you have to be able to draw dynamic lines like kindergarten students. I want to be able to draw pictures that make you expect that what I'm seeing is something much better than what I am drawing.

W:That's very interesting. Who do you like as a painter?

Kuronuma:Henry Darger. I don't really care about Vivian Girls but I like the horses and the clouds that are depicted in the civil war pictures.

W:After I visited you at the attic and interviewed you, I felt you and Henry Darger shared something in common. Working in a chaotic house like this, you just kept working on your artworks, and just like Henry Darger, I thought that you are probably seeing a view that we have never seen before. It seems that you have a lot of your own sets of rules. I think I've heard before that you only eat food that is white. Through these rules are you trying to distinguish yourself from others by putting yourself in a different environment?

Kuronuma:It's more of like a compulsive-obsessive neurosis rather than trying to distinguish myself from others. I try to follow the standards or try not to be imbalanced. Maybe I'm being completely biased. Recently, I started eating things that are not white. I'm constantly changing.

(from WHO006)

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Shuji Sugihara
1976, Born in Kanagawa Japan.
WHO chief editor/art director